A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Welcome to the world of Friendly Premonition - a GameBoy-esque fan take on 2010 cult classic Deadly Premonition.

A murder just took place in the town of Greenvale, and it's affected everyone. You play as a psychically-attuned stranger to town who has a feeling that there's more to some of these people than meets the eye. Lucky for you, you're charming enough that people trust you with a whole host of secrets.

Visit various different locations around Greenvale and talk to the cast. Collect illustrated trading cards after getting to know people through dialogue options. View a range of familiarly odd items with new descriptions. Even flirt with the people you've made friends with, if you're so inclined.

Friendly Premonition is a talking sim where you can meet every character from the original game and listen to them talk your ear off about a range of interests. Once they've run out of specific topics, they'll eagerly share whatever thought enters their head. A select number of characters even have special mechanics for you after you've talked to them enough, so make sure you check back.

This game was created by Victor Hannibal.

With thanks to Cwas and Rachael Hall for testing the game.

This has been a year-long project, and it is released for free to fans of the original everywhere. You can, however, gift something to the creator at the link below. Any support is greatly appreciated!

Victor Hannibal on Paypal.me

Friendly Premonition contains more than 125,000 words of character dialogue. You can play for an hour, or for five minutes. Have fun exploring and talking to everyone, and thank you so much for checking out my massive passion project!

If a warning pops up when you first run the game, telling you that Windows protected your PC, it's because there's no publisher signature. You can ignore it. If you need any help, check the README file included with the download.


Friendly Premonition Win.zip 14 MB
Friendly Premonition Mac.zip 15 MB
Friendly Premonition Lin.zip 15 MB
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Made a video


Thank you for playing!


i know this is a year later but i'm curious: does this incorporate dialogue from the game? or is it primarily fan written dialogue


(i wanna emphasize that neither of these are a negative, the game is fantastic either way)

It's all fan written! Some of the dialogue references discussions from the game, some doesn't. I wrote it all. ✌️ Thanks for playing!


Hi Victor!!! We've been playing Friendly Premonition every night for the past few days (I've been reading it aloud, and since you put in two novels worth of dialogue, it takes a bit of time). We were wondering if you have a ko-fi or anywhere to donate a little bit of money for all the time and effort it took to make this wonderful little game! 

Hello! Thank you very much, I love that you've enjoyed it! I have a paypalme set up at paypal.com/paypalme/victorhannibal if you'd like to donate anything, and I really do appreciate your support if you do. Thanks for letting me know your experience!


Cute relaxing game. After this game you need to make a D4 demake lol. The only thing that would be nice to have is a fullscreen option.

Thank you! I like the idea of doing something with D4 after this, I am tempted.