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I... sad. I am very sad. This game has made me very sad thank you for making it

Thank you for playing it.


Solid writing with a good twist, the art was a nice addition too. Kept me up past my bed time so you did something right :p

Ha, good to hear it!


I enjoyed this! I definitely didn't see that twist coming, totally thought it was going to go in a different direction. It was quite a surprise!

Thank you for playing!


This game was great! It sorta plays into the reality that you never know who is behind the screen and I loved it lol

Thank you! I appreciate that.


lord this game was so good, the writing is really great and you quickly get swept up into it and found myself holding my breathe as the story went on. I loved it very much and will certainly support the game once i get paid lol!!

Thank you so much!